Mansfield Park & Ride

What secret lurks in the attics of stately-home Mansfield House? Where does the tunnel under the grounds lead to?  Who knows the secret purpose of the lakeside temple to Aphrodite?


This laugh-out-loud comedy about the aspirations and fears of a would-be literary centre of excellence is sure to entertain.  Anyone who's loved Jane Austen, Mr Darcy, or visited literary events set in beautiful gardens will find something to recognise here.

Will Francesca end her disastrous love affair? What is Felix's real motivation, and will Ron Mumford, groundsman, game-keeper and odd-job man for forty years succeed in tracking down the escaped hound roaming the estate?

These questions and more find their answers in Mansfield Park and Ride, along with the strange involvement of beggars and vagabonds, and an acting troupe come to film for the Bank Holiday Event.  This story also takes seriously the background of Austen's real novel Mansfield Park, and features guest appearances by Jane and her sister Cassandra.

An entertaining portrait of the English heritage industry, and original satire of ideas about literary treasure.

Evan Symmonds is the author of this book and has taught creative writing for many years.

Though the Frost Was Cruel

Though the Frost Was Cruel is a ghost story set at Christmas with a strong emphasis on the psychological and repressive aspects of personality beneath apparent normality.  In this short novel the members of a family find themselves trapped in a country house in the depths of winter.  Over twenty-four hours, long-buried secrets are uncovered and the family are led there, it seems, by the ghosts of children.

This unusually-styled book takes the reader deep into the memories and thought-processes of its various protagonists and their interaction with the environment and atmosphere around them.

Though the Frost Was Cruel was first self-published via Amazon Kindle in 2014 and reached the top-ten in Amazon's lists of ghost fiction.

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